Aurelion Sol is insanely over powered

Like a passive where he can do nothing and still be useful makes this champion too OP alone doesn't matter how good you are at positioning with mobile champions like Renekton, Lee sin, Lejuke, or sneak in with Shaco, Twitch, Kha Zix your still gonna take a hit from his passive. Oh and get Rylais because that works with everything in his kit so late game is almost a win in your favour. His free roaming anywhere E ability is stupid. Its like a tahm kench ultimate but actually useful because tahm kench ults if your team isn't very well coordinated its a useless move since tahm's ult warns the enemy even if your in a far off brush that he is there. So enemy players should be warned at all times when Aruelion uses his E to roam because this shit is horribly unfair and unbalanced. His Q fires galaxies about the width size of a lane. So basicly when this champion comes to the real client i cannot play blind pick anymore in solo Q because noobs are gonna pick this champion and think they are some professional player when they did nothing. So this means i have to go back to waiting 10 minutes in Dynamic queue now so i can ban this stupid champion or steal him from others in every game -_-. Yes he can be beaten if you have a coordinated team who aren't dribbling idiots. But what about if i want to go SoloQ and I get some easy angry afking players who don't listen to my advice? and there is no point in trying to teach them how to focus because some players do not listen or learn from their mistakes. Another thing why i hate this champion and most of the new ones is because they are making old champions almost obsolete and this is why i think riot should stop making new champions because this game is getting more unbalanced than ever every champion is beatable but this new champion is beyond broken, anyone can win with 0 effort with this champion by just standing and doing "nothing". How can Aurelion Sol be balanced: Passive: Each star can only hit once and goes on cooldown for 10 seconds but deals more damage per hit up to a max of 3. Q: Keep it at normal size and it can go as far as caitlyn's auto attack. W: Its fine just leave it. E: the enemy team must be warned at all times when he starts flying across the map because if tahm kench's ult does this then Aurelion Sol must have this warning to. (heck tahm kench isn't even a threat and it annoys me as a tahm main when his ult warns the enemy team -_-). R: Again its fine. Its not like its an overfed karthus ultimate. Also riot where the hell is the 5 bans per team in draft/dynamic queue? we really need more champions banned with this insane roster of champions. Heck you even get some players who main champions that are forgotten or nerfed and can still be played to win games, Nobody plays great champs i main like Yorick, Jarvan, Galio, Urgot (not joking these champions are very good),
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