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Lol ranked seasons???
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So another season where i manage to get Gold ( i always try to get most of my accounts to atleast Gold V for the rewards ). Now to my question, why were i stuck at around s3 for around 9 month (pending between s5-s2) and then suddenly in about one month (last 4-6 weeks) climb from s4 to gold V with 60+ winrate?? Happened to me last season too...was around s4-s5 until the Arcade event, then from there i got gold during a slow but steady climb?? I just don´t get it, i´m the same player playing the same champions in the same way ( it´s not like a magically become better the last month of ranked season ) but for some reason it just feels so easy in the end of the season and in the early and midseason it´s almost impossible….explain please!! How can my performance go from bot 45% (silver V) to top 35%(gold V) during the last 6-8 weeks of the season .... every year?
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