So i just read Ryze's bio and... (SPOILERS, duh)

Shocked. Shocked BY THE ENDING How could he leave all those people to die? Why not stay for a little longer until they could move out and then leave? He basically sentenced an entire village of children women and overall innocent people to die violently by huge troll clubs because he thought he can't save them. What the hell did you even think about Riot? This is starting to give me Game Of Thrones vibes (Especially that scene where the wildlings attacked a village and murdered a child's parents right in front of his eyes and one of them said he will eat them in front of him) I mean, i understand Ryze doesn't want to take risks but he can't just sacrifice whoever he wants just for the rest of the world.. You're not better than the villian himself if you let innocent people die without even trying to fight for them. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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