What is your favourite ability in League of Legends?

Let's take a second to discuss what we like about what Riot has given us. Specifically, champion abilities. My favourite without a doubt is Lulu's Whimsy (her W) there is so much you can do with it. Ally wants to engage, W. Someone engages on you, W. Enemy at 1 hp and just out of your/your ally's attack range, W. You are roaming, W. Zed ults, W. ADC could do with some more attack speed, W. Hecarim could do with some more AD, W. Your midlane is trash and you want to last hit his blue but you are at tier 2 tower, W. You are having a race with singed, W. Enemy Yordle purcahsed Path of Iron and is now taller then you, W. I love this ability
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