Why adc nerf??

I dont main adc or i play it but for %%%% sake.ADc is the definition of garbage at least on solo que. I play evne tanks and i do more dmg then an adc in lategame..Thats stupid af.. "ADC scale and carry lategame" WHEREEEEE.My caitlyn did 15 000 dmg and me as tank more then 20 000 dmg.And it was min 35+. She couldnt dmg {{champion:19}} with no armor.This was ww build.{{item:3006}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3065}} and jgl item.Where is adc so op . If i get autofill or play bot i sure play %%%%ing {{champion:115}} adc."O no early adc op" where lel.When you do 0 dmg to a champ taht got no armor lategame then that doesnt deserve nerf riot. In my opinion you mistake the power of support with adc.I dunno why this players complain about adc..or he gets carried or he gets lucky..I dont see adc op at all.
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