Make Lee sin great again

Throught the years Lee sin was/is always one of the greatest works by riot. He is fun, very flexible, has a high impact and has a huge skill cap making him a favurite for a lot of players always having a high pick rate (curently ranked plat-above 40%). His winrate? mostly stable, i have been following it for the past year and it never went over 52% . However for some reason, maybe because a lot of pros have been playing him, he got a fairly substancial nerf, lowering his winrate which used to be at 50% (so perfectly balenced) to 47,5%. The nerf was highering his ultimate cooldown by 20 seconds at rank one, looking at 50% stat from erlier i thought well they must have nerfed him because he is op in the pro scene. So i looked at stats from pro matches and it didnt give me much clarity, there his winrate was over 50% however teams played him who have a good winrate even without him so that couldnt be a reason either. The reason they gave for the nerf (which is one of many over the past years) is that his erly game is too strong, they however gave nothing to compensate for the ultimate nerf. My intention with this post is to get some attention and love for the old blind guy we all enjoy to flame and blame, Lee sin.
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