Ranked rewards

I've been playing League since late season 8 and didn't start ranked until season 9. Now I've got some friends that I like to queue up with and I'd love to hit gold or higher. However, I feel less motivated knowing that I will get a skin for a champion I don't care about and that's about it for a hard-working year. Anyone else feels that? Recently, I also went through the Janna skin I didn't have and noticed that one of them was just that - a ranked reward skin, but from several seasons back. Now that's a skin I'd love to have, but can't, no matter what. Wouldn't it be awesome if riot did something like with the Gray WW and Medieval Twitch? Where you get tokens for the honor level but with ranked? Then you can just unlock whichever Victorious skin you'd like as a ranked reward. Idk, just a wishful thought.
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