SoloQ Need to return

Ever Since DynQ has come out ive noticed how everyone is always trying to get a 5man premade sorted to play ranks all the time to climbs as they think they'll climb faster/easier. Hardly anyone i know who plays regularly about 25-30 people even touch normals anymore, due to the fact they can all queue for ranked. yay we can played ranked together woo great... now ur all getting pissy and mad at each other for feeding, GJ GUYS! This is how it used to be; Normals where those fun times with friends, no-one was try harding, it was cooperation and friendship! SoloQ For those times after work when u wanted to go hard or go home. play a couple, then go relax in normals with friends. Now its: Ranked 5's Failing and blaming each other, stress AND if ur unlucky enough when u get a whole 5's team vs ur non premade 1=1=1=1=1 it sucked balls! Normals: Normals... where? man.. i havent seen a single person on my friendlist be in a normal since DyncQ was released. :/ Please rito.. why you do this? {{item:3070}}
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