Advice needed. How do you keep up good cs during early-mid,mid game.

Hello. Soo... im a mid player at around mid plat mmr. I am having trouble keeping up my cs numbers high enough post 10 minutes. Basically up until 10 min i usually get around 70-80 cs which is decent. However post 10 min (which is usually around the time bot tower starts falling) i get to a point where i cant really afford the time to go and farm.. The problem is that post 10 min at least in my elo , so much shit starts happening around the rift, since instead of focusing on getting high cs count's people focus on fighting ALL THE TIME , and i legit cant afford to go into a side lane and push a wave, i always have to be there. I look at pro streamers like faker and other koran and NA challengers, and compared to their games , my games become such a fiesta the moment either bot tower falls down (which is around 10-15 min) that i legit can not go into a side lane to farm a wave that bounces back because it usually results in the enemy team capitalizing on a number advantage instantly, since everyone is just full on aram on mid all the time. ALL THE TIME, just fight fight fight fight. Where in their games at 15 min both teams try to rotate correctly and get as much cs as possible , in my games both teams are looking for how to dive the opponent at mid and force a teamfight. And if im not there to back them up they all die and verbal me the rest of the game for not being there. And if AM there to back them up then i just lose exp on side lanes that i could have collected. Now you can tell me "communicate with your team and tell them politely to not fight while you go out and clear a side lane", however i have realized that it's impossible (at least in my elo) to get someone to not fight by simple communication , that's like the hardest thing to do in plat elo, you can start a fight with 1 ping, but you cant prevent one from happening with 10000000 pings. ( Split push players know what im talking about). So my choice is usually simple, either rotate correctly and get + 20 cs and have my bot lane die mid cause of 3v2 or 4v2 or be there to prevent them from dying . BUT lose out on a couple of waves... Thank you on advice in advance :).
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