Why is everyone trying to play carries?

I find it quite annoying personally how there are very few games where our team acutally has a proper frontline. More often than not I'm the only guy who is building ANY defensive items, perhaps excluding the occasional tanky support. If I'm jungling, the toplaner is gonna be Riven, if I'm going top, it's Shaco, Yi or Diana jungle. If I want to play a support that isn't a tank, we will have Xin Zhao jungle (full AD) and a Rengar top (also full AD). PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS! You need a lot more than just damage in a good team, and you can't just 'carry' if nobody starts a good fight for you. Truth is, I find the word 'carry' quite inaccurate, as if the rest of the team did nothing and you just skilfully unload your damage and WHOA YOU ARE SO GOOD. If you are anywhere near my elo and reading this (high silver/low gold) please start playing more tanky characters. It is kinda a big deal when nobody can start a fight and soak up a few punches, thanks a lot!

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