Vi and counterplay

So, i might be a little bit Kiddy over this but. I fucking hate Vi. Its not because she can go full tank and still 1shot me. Its because theres no counterplay to her ult. For example. My support {{champion:40}} used her E on me, her WQ on Vi, then her R to knock her away, at the same time, i used {{item:3139}}, {{summoner:4}} and {{summoner:7}} as well as AA to mark her and W to snare her. ({{champion:202}}) it still resulted in my death. Somehow she could reach me with her autos. Even an {{champion:103}} E and {{champion:80}} W did not stop her from killing me. Every single person on my team did EVERYTHING they could and she still killed me in under a second. Even a {{champion:238}} is easier to counterplay. Bc he is POSSIBLE to counterplay.
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