Am I the only one who actually likes the preseason?

Am I really the only one? From 5.16 and below AP mid laners were in an extreme good position due to the amount of AP you could get for such few amount of gold. Back when needlesly large rod was 80ap AP mid laners were in just such a good position and could carry teams to victory, while adcs got kinda left behind. Then the AP item nerfs came in 5.16 and at that point they became balanced in my opinion. Now 5.22 came out and the roles have swapped. Adcs are in an extremely good position at the moment while AP mid laners are in a bad position. It's just the meta changing and I just think we all have to adapt to it like we did to the tank meta in s5. Obviously there is a lot to balance but what do you expect with such a big patch. In my opinion it's not even close to the juggernaut patch, where until today Darius, Fiora and Garen are still camping at a 100% ban rate in ranked. For gods sake people, give Riot the time and love they deserve as they're really working on balancing at the moment and were able to pull off such a big update with in my opinion great, new content. Opinions are different, but please don't disrespect or QQ about every single thing you don't like about 5.22. <3
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