Am I the only one, who gets alot of bugsplats with the client?

As I stated above. I literally go into a game and when it has loaded in and I hear the champion spawn sounds and the fountain, it just throws me a bugsplat. Usually I can just reconnect and nothing else happened, but sometimes, i have to restart my client just so I can reconnect, but by that time it doesn't matter, cause I'm behind 2 levels and probably 20 cs. Sometimes, I go into practice tool, and after it has finished loading in, the same thing happens, I get a random bugsplat. In that case I can't reconnect, and have to make another "game" or "run". This is so tilting, cause at times, this is the reason I lose games, Riot games' client just throws me a bugsplat, and it takes so long for me to reconnect (whether it'd be restarting my client, or some other reason, why it won't reconnect). This didn't happen with the legacy client, and before you ask, whether I've sent those errors to Riot, what does it matter? It's not like they care about 1 EU player. I have sent them in a couple times with the bugsplat "send info" or whatever that is, but nothing has changed.
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