Is RIOT changing the roles of champions towards Pure Damage?

This is not about complaining, even though im sad how the game changes. Here I want to theorize on something i noticed about them changes for some time now, and with every patch its made more clearly. Let me present to you, my ideas about the question: How does Riot change the roles of champions? Of course the game is always in consistent change and so are the champions. It just takes one rework to change a champion completely, in role, spells and style. But this is not about reworks. They are too precise, too little effective to change the roles of all champions. What I mean is something that effects all. Items and runes. And boy, did Riot change them. For items, i think, the path is obvious. Away from tanks, away from AP, and towards AD. "Biased" you shout, and I can see why. The internet is not always (never!) a place of reason. But its clear that AP and HP items got nerfs when AD items where buffed or added. Penetration for AP is harder to come by, when AD has far more options to take down big junks of HP and Armor. {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} vs {{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} Theres always the "but not in my game", and yes, there are exceptions. But in general, when a champion has full Armor and one has full AD, the AD wins. You might survive 5 ultimates as full tank, or live full 3 seconds in a teamfight, but I remember a time, when tanks didnt die at all. And why should they? What is that HP and Armor doing, if not ensuring your survival? Since Lethality, those mechanics are nullified. On the other end, the role of mages took a big hit in the Mage-Patch a while ago. Most mages got mana passives and Xerath even lost his penetration. They lost the Abyssal Scepter and its aura, and with it, an important item to use against any type of Fighter. Its a fact, that AP items and mages in general were nerfed bit by bit in the last years. Just look at Ryze. He might still do like 600 damage with his combo, but thats a combo, not a single spell. And he still has no ultimate spell. A lot of his burst and teamfight ability was lost in his rework. And with it Spellvamp was gone too. The Will of Ancients was deleted, and Vladimir with it. "But Vlad is stronger now than he ever was." How is he stronger when he cant even hit every minion in his wave with his Tide? When he needed 2 Tides before his Deletion to clear the wave? How is he stronger now? And how is it fair, that Spellvamp was taken from items but Lifesteal is still there? When Vlad can heal himself for 800 every 4 seconds, thats unfair. But when Jinx has 30% Lifesteal from items and heals for 400 every shot, means 1200 every 2 seconds, thats fair? And now, we got new Runes. And again another nerf to the mages. Sneaky, but heavy. Since every mage took either Thunderlord or Burn, they deleted both spells. Why not? What better way to nerf all mages at once? "Thunderlord is still there", but now it only applies to attacks, not spells. "Burn is now Aery", but aery only applies on a single target. So as a mage, you only get TL now, when you are close range and pause your spells to attack. And your Burn only counts for one enemy, and not a team. All i hear is how great and OP the new runes are, but this mechanical difference is clearly a nerf. From ALL targets to ONE. And you think its stronger? How is it stronger when it hits less targets? Okay, youre right, I AM complaining now. I cant overlook this. It makes me sad and angry. Im sangry. None of the Presicion or Domination Runes apply to abilities, and the Sorcery Runes are not what I need, not what I want. The comet has CD and is basically an AP Thunderlord - that can miss the target. How is that fair, when the AD TL hits the target for sure? Like their auto attack does. And the mages get - to their skillshot based playstyle - another skillshot passive? How is that fair? How is that balanced? To me its clear, that Riot prefers AD champions, marksmen and assassins in general. Even so, that they encouraged players to put mages into the supporter role. That role is shifted now. You see Brand or Annie now as a supporter more than Taric or Nami. And the mid is fixated with Assassins. Playing a mage means learning how to play versus as assassin, cause that will be 95% of your games. Save your insults, reader. The game doesnt mean that much to me. When its in a spot like now, ill just not play it. Its not my life. It simply saddens me to see the game change into a mage and tank unfriendly game, since those are my favourite roles. And I still miss my Vladimir with the WoA in his hands. It saddens me.
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