Can Jax get a VU please?

I really want to play him but...I can't. I am one of those people who don't even do well on a champ if they don't have a skin on them :D Idk why, but I can't play Vlad with the basic skin, or a Tristana that doesn't have a rocket launcher ^^ Now, Jax...I am a toplane main. I love that champion. I know exactly what he does, how hes played, how to make him work. I know his matchups, everything. And I want to play him. But I can't. And you know why? **Because he looks like a graphic bug! :-)** Seriously, this is such a great champion, he has great skins (that temple jax!) and I REALLY want to play him! Make it happen and give Jax the Visuals to match his awesomeness! -frantic
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