I suck in the midlane, help me out?

I have always been a supp main so farming was never an important thing for me Brought my favourite champ to the midlane for the first time in my life but it felt pretty hard and overwhelming. First of all, I dont have my vision item anymore which feels like a leg got amputated from me. Then I need to focus farm, but since I am not used to it I forget to bully the enemy and look at the map every few seconds. Farming takes all my attention. Third, I get ganked a lot by both sides. In botlane you can get ganked from 1 side and just ward that spot. But in mid you can get butt%%%ked from everywhere. Four, I feel like i have less pressure on drake since I am further away. Normally I spam my jungler until i convince him to do drake when the time is right, but it's harder now to have control over that - also because I dont have as much wards as being a support.. Any advice for me??
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