Champion balance and runes suggestions

EDIT no nerfs to ezreal due to the kleptomancy changes below TOP Camille: Q damage nerf Ornn: W shield nerf JNG Kha'Zix: Q damage nerf Lee Sin: R damage nerf MID Zoe: E longer cooldown Malzahar: R longer cooldown ADC Vayne: R increased attack damage nerf Tristana: e damage on turrets nerf SUP Janna: E extra attack damage nerf Alistar: Q damage nerf Runes LethalTempo ( lethal tempo falls short in dps in comparison to otjer runes for tanks ap champs and ad champs ) PASSIVE: Damaging an enemy champion begins a 1.5 second timer. Upon completion, you gain 30% - 80% ** + 10 AD or 20 AP adaptive + 4% of your maximum health** (based on level) attack speed as well as removing the attack speed cap for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active will extend the duration to 6 seconds. Fleet Footwork (spell casters dont have the ability to use fleet effectively PASSIVE – ENERGIZED STRIKE: Moving and attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100 **+50 **. When fully Kircheis Shard item energized, your next basic attack **or damaging ability ability** gains FLEET FOOTWORK. Dark harvest ( just so it doesnt change the gameplay of some some champions alot and making that damage easier to proc) Collecting Soul Essence empowers your next basic attack **or damaging ability** versus an enemy champion or structure within the next 20 seconds to deal 40 - 80 (based on level) (+ Total Soul Essence) (+ 25% bonus AD) (+ 20% AP) bonus Attack damageAbility power Adaptive damage. Grasp of the undying (damage champions dont have much choice on picking grasp) PASSIVE: If you have dealt or received damage in the last 2 seconds, you will generate stacks of Grasp of the Undying every second. At 4 stacks, your next attack against an enemy champion will deal **20% of your AD OR AP adaptive +** 4% of your maximum health bonus magic damage, restore **health +** 2% of your maximum health, and permanently grants 5 bonus health. The empowered attack is primed for 6 seconds, refreshing whenever you deal or receive damage Guardian ( guardian shield is small wo were making bigger and were also allowing adcs to equip it for safer early game ) If you or a Guarded ally would take damage from an enemy champion or monster, you both first gain a shield for 60 **+10** - 150 **+10** (based on level) (+ 20% Guardian's AP) **(+ 20% Guardian's AD )** (+ 10% Guardian's bonus health) as well as 20% bonus Movement speed icon movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Unsealed Spellbook(unsealed spellbook cooldown was just another extra weakness to a rune thatgives little power in the early game) Cooldown removed Glacial Augment( glacial augment was proven useless in comparison to other runes were making qome changes to bring it up ) PASSIVE – GLACIAL AUGMENT: Basic attacks **and damaging abilities** Slow icon slow enemy champions for 2 seconds, which increases over the duration. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every few seconds **Freeze ray removed** Kleptomancy( some champions with low cooldown abilities that count as attacks are abusing kleptomancy were making them less able to abuse it whithout nerfing kleptomancy) PASSIVE: After using an ability, your next basic attack within 10**+10** seconds is enchanted. If the attack is used against a champion, you gain Gold 5**+5** Gold. Occasionally, you will gain a consumable item instead. If you gain a consumable item while your inventory is full, the consumable will instead be consumed.
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