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Yesterday I made a post about League community being rotten, and Riot not doing anything about that. Yesterday, I had a day-off, so I was able to play the whole day. I played 17 games, 8 win, 9 lose. Out of this 17 games I encountered trolls in 5 games, 4 times in my team, one time in the enemy. But today im not here to discuss the number of trolls in my games, but rather the fact that all of them are still playing unpunished. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Yasuo - 0/13, 6x Dorans Rings, not a single assist. He since then payed one game today, meaning our reports werent issued and were totally ignored. 2. Shaco Support - Left game for no reason - He is still playing like nothing happened. Maybe for Riot nothing did actually happen. 3. Aatrox - Leaving game because got killed by Malph top 4 times. He is one out of these 5 who havent played since then, but Im sure its not because he got penalized, but more likely because he was on full tilt. 4. Darius - 1/17 - This is the kind of case where Riot says its just a "bad game" and nothing is done. He also havent been playing sainc then, but his previous games arent the best either. And players like him are allowed to play. 5. Evelyn Support - 4/14 - Again, Riot would just let it go with a "bad game", but I was in the game and she was running down botlane saying "free tekashi". She didnt take anything serious, and gave free kills to our Draven, because he was a 6ix9ne fan as well. She even said in the chat: "I give you this win since you are tekashi fans". She is still playing for no one's surprise. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trolling cant be punished unless it happens, its obvious, this is why I'm not that mad, when I see that these players trolled for the first time, because it had to happen, so they can get what they deserve. However, seeing players that have 3-4 game trolling streaks, and I encounter them just to lose, it just feels like, me and every other player suffered for nothing, reported them for notinh and hoped for nothing. Im on a point where I think we just have to accept that Riot, and the community is just like this and it cant be changed. If only trolling was treated as agressively as flaming, players would think twice before deciding to run it down, and would probably try to come back or cool off, instead of just leaving the game. If player knew that trolling has consequences, even in low elo, this community would be a much better place. Im not expecting perfection, because that is unachivable, but right now the community is so far from even being fine, that even a 100% inprovement would only make it a mildly acceptable place. **Disclaimer:** This post does _not_ serve to shame the players above. This post serves to shame Riot Games. Every Match History link was shared in order to prove that I'm not making anything up.
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