The Casual 10 Ban System

10 bans in regular play coming soon
Starting in patch 7.11, the ban phase for all draft Summoner's Rift modes will feature five bans per team instead of three. We'll be rolling the feature out to all regions throughout the patch. As a heads up, we'll be upping the number of owned champions required to play ranked from 16 to 20.
"The biggest change is now every player bans a champ. All 10 players ban simultaneously, with the ability to “hover” bans for coordination, and without seeing the other team’s possible choices. - - -. After both teams lock their choices, each team’s bans are revealed to the other (bans can be duplicated across teams), and the pick phase continues as normal." A 10 Ban system is a must in current LoL. Being able to play with close to 140 champions is a huge pool to choose from. But the idea that you BLINDLY ban with the strategy of "muh counter" and whats OP at the moment is an awful way to implement this. Only way this would be worse is if 1 team banned first and the other team went second. This is the kind of ban system I'd see in Blind Pick. A System where you are pressured to predict your enemy's bans in the chance that there could be a duplicate ban is awful too. Nowadays when I play draft pick, I strategize my bans accordingly if my pick or ban is selected before my turn, I have a chance to turn that into an advantage. Earlier picks are advantageous because no-one can steal that pick from you after the ban phase. It's a clear advantage in the pick order to be first. To counteract that naturally, the last bans are stronger because you have the information of the earlier bans. You also have a chance to retaliate if your intended pick was banned or deduce their pick through their ban to make their champion inaccessible. If you dumb down the ban phase to 1 part, it takes power from the last pick position which has the disadvantage compared to first picks. I'm deducing that this is also the reason why the current system gives the 6 bans to the last players to even out the power in champ select. It would be very counterproductive to remove that balancing factor, and ultimately unhealthy for the game. I'm certain that blindly banning more champions will result in vastly higher ban rates for hated champions such as Yasuo etc. Which no doubt pleases many. Just make it the same as the pick phase or make it a 4 part phase where: Blue bans 2 Red bans 3 Blue bans 3 Red bans 2. I'm sure there are better way to do this than a blind ban phase with minimal strategy.
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