Darius splash arts.

Well, I finally want to say a few words about one of my favorite champons in League. About Darius. Just look at his Dunkmaster splash art. Look at his face. What the hell is wrong with him? Why is he looking like a bulldog? Who broke his nose? The next one is his basic splash art. He is looking like a lego-man. He is not so ugly as you draw him. Just look at him in the cinematic "A New Dawn". He is just a human with normal face, nose and green eyes. In every art he has brown or red eyes. Even ingame model has a GREEN eyes. Why can't you, Riot, do the same thing in his arts? It would be so nice, if he will look like his cinematic version on his arts. I changed two of his arts a bit and I think thats how he must look like! Hope, that this information will reach Riot and they will do something with poor Darius :D https://pp.userapi.com/c844417/v844417640/167a3f/h939P8qPC6o.jpg?noredirect https://pp.userapi.com/c844417/v844417640/167a48/CfoZ-4Pqcrw.jpg?noredirect
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