This game is so broken right now ...

Fuckin what the hell is this riot? Who in the right mind would approve an overloaded piece of shit like Poppy? Or Zac? Or Naut? Seriously, I get these in 90% of my games right now and it has just stopped being fun. All of these champs are incredibly easy to play, have a completely overloaded kit, do good damage while being unkillable and have tons of cc... All you need to do is pick atleast one of them and your chances of winning the game increase by atleast 50%. This meta feels incredibly broken and its just not fun. CC is one of the worst things in lol. I know that its necessary to stop champs like tryndamere or kata from simply 1v5ing everyone but if you give a champ too much CC and utility you make it frustrating and unfun to face that champ. Just fuckin go ahead and nerf atleast poppy and zac or colossus (most broken shit ever). Reduce poppys shield or reduce her knockback range and PLEASE for fucks sake get rid of that bullshit knockup. Her ult is supposed to be a peeling tool, not another aoe stun. And whoever thought collossus would be a good keystone should reevaluate his life because he might need professional help. Thats it from me, let the downvotes of you forum angels begin.
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