(Opinion) After getting promoted players should get bonus LP rather than protection from Demotion

I've been thinking about it for a long time. Please don't make stupid arguments if you don't understand just leave it. When we get promoted to a new rank our LP goes to 0 LP + New Rank. Example being if you get promoted to gold 4 you will get 0LP gold 4. this system is not bad or anything it's fair and all but there can be a better system. Like when you get promoted and you lose 5 games you are still gold 4 0LP mean you have protection from getting demoted instead of that I wish players get bonus LP when they get promoted. In short ex: Whenever players get promoted they should not start at 0 LP instead they should start at around 30 to 50 LP. The reason why I think this is the best system is because when I get promoted and I start from 0LP, I lose motivation since I now have to win 5 games to get to next promos and then I have to win 2-3 promos games to get promoted again. It's completely fair but thinking of playing the game as a student I cannot play that many games in a day (Ignoring the fact that I will lose at least 1 of the 8 games I have to play to climb). If I start around 30-50 LP the number of games I have to play significantly decreases and I don't feel demotivated and can play 5 to six games and hope to win all to get promoted. Please think about it. Thanks Vorendier
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