Nasus adjustions

Hi, I really like Nasus a lot so I was pretty happy to hear that he'd get a buff, but was kind of disappointed, that it's "just" the amount of his stacks. Of course it's a big buff that allows you to fight your lane opponent earlier, and just get to a ton of stacks faster, but it doesn't do much for his problems later on, he still gets kited to death, because he lacks mobility and / or tankiness. So I thought of some changes that would maybe make him more viable: 1. To make up for the following buffs / changes make his Q stacks a little lower again, I would suggest 6 for large monsters again and 9 for champions / epic monsters (the part with champions / epic monsters probably wouldn't make too much of a difference, but I just feel like they should be worth more than canons / big jungle monsters) 2. Give him a bit more base AD or increase his Qs base damage early, so it's a bit easier to get stacks under the tower / increase def. stats per level / increase his MS (maybe also per 6 levels, like his passive?) AND / OR 3. Change his E to be a dash that deals very little damage to champions, but increased damage to minions (so he doesn't lose all his wave clear, which is already bad) and shields him for a bit, so grievous wounds are a little less bad for him. I would imagine a pretty high CD that only gets slightly shorter per level, since he usually gets to 45% CDR anyways, so maybe 18 - 14s and a little nerf to his W since it wouldn't be as crucial to get to champions anymore. And because of the shield a little nerf to his passive, so he doesn't get too good at trading / sustaining. As animation I thought of something similiar as Azirs soldiers when he spawns them / when they despawn, a bit like a sandstorm moving forward. The range should be just enough to hit melee and caster minions but definitely not more. I'm not sure if it should go over terrain, of course I would like it, but maybe that would be too much then. sooo... what do you guys think of my suggestions? x) {{champion:75}}
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