Alih - The Water Goddess

Alih - The Water Goddess(Assassin) No lore yet. HP: 625 (+85 per level) AD: 70 (+3.5 per level) AS: 0.725 (+2% per level) MS: 340 HP Regen: 8.5 (+0.85 per level) Armor: 26 (+3.5 per level) Magic Resist: 34 (+1.25 per level) Abilities: Passive: Blessed Hands: Every 8 seconds, one of Alih's skills will be "enchanted". The enchanted skill will deal 3%/4%/5%(levels 1, 6, 11) + 0.3% of targets current health. Q: Waterpillar: Holds up to 2 charges. Alih invokes the water beneath the ground to raise a pillar at the pointer location, dealing 30/50/90/130/180 + 0.4 of total ability power. The waterpillars last for 4 seconds, slowing enemies in an area of 250 units by 20/30/35/45/50%. 12 sec cd. W: Clash: Passive: 4/5/6/7/8% bonus ap. Active: If there are 2 waterpillars active, they clash, dealing 6/7/8/9/10% + 0.2 of total ap of enemy max health, stunning them for 1.5 seconds. 15 sec cd. E: Tsunami: Unleashes a tsunami to cursor location, dealing 60/100/130/180/230 + 0.2 of total ap when hitting an enemy. 10 sec cd. R: Goddess of All Seas: Unleashes the power of all seas, enchanting all of her abilities for 5 seconds(+3 seconds for every kill while in ult). 25% of her damage is converted to true damage, q holds 3 charges, and e dashes forward on the tsunami. 120 sec cd.
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