I cant get hyped about all theese great changes to Ranked

My skill is around gold. When I play ranked, its cause I want to test my aging skills against equals. EQUALS! In games where my skill actually matter. The very same every high-level player demands from their true skill level. However, for us people in Platinum-Silver level, we dont get that. We dont get equal games. We are the training grounds for a tousands of smurfs who think its their godly right to use us as cannonfodder. So.. whats the point of playing? When I know it will be riddled with smurfs ruining every single ranked game. and before the smurf mob breaks loose on me.. let me just tell you. Wether a smurf is on my team or on my enemy team, makes no difference. I dont want a smurf on my team, cause I want to win with my skill.. where I can contribute - I dont want a smurft on my enemy team, for obvious reasons. I want the match to be EQUAL.. like riot INTENDED this game to be. Matches where everything, including players skill, where evenly matched. #smurfsarecancer
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