Platinum 2 elohell

Hello guys, I need some explanations and some solution regarding ranked games. So i have the next problem... as soon as i promote to platinum 2, i'm getting queued with very low MMR/Low divison player (ex: Gold I 1700 MMR, Gold III, Platinum V), while in platinum 3 i'm almost getting queued only with P3 and above. I simply cannot get past Platinum II. I've demoted and promoted atleast 7 times because of this issue. Is it duo/trio with some averages a solution? or i'm gonna get filled with even lower players? I kinda play only support and i find it very hard to carry myself out of p2. here are my average games in P3: While in P2, my team mates are always with negative scores like 1/15, and there are always one sided games with no comeback posibility or even reasonable gameplay.
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