My take on mages in the botlane in current meta

We all know Lux is far too hard to kill for a mage support, and the shields are too strong. I see people saying Ardent is the problem, clearly it's Athenes that has proven to be very overpowered. With the large amount of free AP from bonus mana regen scaling, and with the healing it provides, it surely has way too high stat value for mage supports (Ivern extremely underrated btw) I am, however, absolutely delighted to see utility mages return to the support meta, especially in pro. They are very fun to play and watch, much more so than Braum and Tam Kench, I think anyone would agree on that (as long as Janna isn't dominant because ZzzzZzzZz) Also, I was concerned about Yuumi but in my opinion it is turned out that she does in fact require a reasonable amount of proficiency to play effectively, therefore I definitely don't think she is problematic for the game. While we're on the subject of these champs I might as well give my two cents on Sona carry. I think it's awesome (long time Sona main) however her scaling just needs to be dampened. This must be compensated for support Sona by specifically buffing something that is only relevant on support Sona, but I'm finding it hard to think of this because really they play much the same way, being that they both buy Spellthief. Solution may be to stop carry Sona from going Spellthief somehow, but I don't think that would much solve the problem. I may be wrong here, but I don't think the wards are actually crucial to whether Sona carry is viable, and it may even be more effective in some situations if she takes farm from start of the game, going Dorans Ring. I will make another post if I think of any solutions, I'm trying my best. Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think :)
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