Riot puts me in a state of shock ! TFT Noble buff very strong !

So, this topic is not because I lost. This is not interesting to me. I know that I can achieve more and do it myself. I am only stopped by the fact that in the TFT, from time to time, something so strong appears that everyone begins to try to collect this, including me. In this screenshot you can see my assembly, I had everything very cool, I even thought that I would fight for first or second place. After all, I had a very strong Rengar, Gnar with three items, Shyvana with two items. I really thought I would not cure so early. But! The player with the nickname Danguardian interrupted all my thoughts, and I was shocked, he came to me and threw me out of the game, having literally one NOBLE buff. I have nothing against this player, he is a good player. It is not about him, but about the fact that having only the NOBLE buff and Kayle of the second level, with two item in it, he literally exterminated my entire animal zoo. xDD Do you know what is the most interesting? He almost all the champions survived, only one Leona died. What can you say ? Do you think that NOBLE are really very strong, and they need to be lowered from heaven? Or, perhaps, you think that they are still weak, and it would not hurt to strengthen them? xD
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