nice support actually has no impact and is just an onlooker now (:

**Okay..RIot maybe support isn't the most important lane** Support has been overlooked a lot... If the ADC does well... everyone thinks its the ADC: But in reality many times its because the support died to save or did very well in poking so his/her ADC could farm. SO unless you do really well no one will give you any gratitude... which is actually a little sad :( But now support can't even poke or come back well if they die for ADC, bot lane is nerfed, every other lane is also nerfed but not as much as bot. SO PLEASE REVERT **the new items suck..** I swear its going to take 20 minutes to come into champion select only for one person to leave, because they don't wanna play support (: What are your options? Because for me... it sucks {{sticker:sg-soraka}} EDIT: People are saying the new items are okay, and that it isn't Riots fault that we're are 'crying over it.' WEll see it in our perspective 1. the items got nerfed 2. it depends on the champions; if you're playing lux you will prob get kills, but not that many as for example Nami. So you will probably be behind since you can only get 1000 coins. 3. If your lane (fx jg) got nerfed (in your opnion) wouldn't you be sad and frustrated? after all its our own opnion, but please keep the comments positive {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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