No, Adcs don't need buffs

Adcs are strong right now except Lucian and Kalista (she isn't very bad because of her kit) . Caitlyn, Jinx (for soloq), Twitch, Vayne, Jhin are god tier adcs. Ezreal, Draven, Ashe, Corki are viable picks. Sivir and MF are medium picks. Adcs almost were strong all season. It is enough. It can't be adc meta every time. Lucian was in meta to 6.14 from 6.2. Sivir was in meta to 6.15 from 6.5 Ashe was in meta to 6.21 from 6.14. Jhin is in meta since released. Caitlyn is still in meta. Vayne and Twitch became meta champion recently. They are still so strong except Sivir and Lucian. Tank meta: Adc mains are crying. Assassin meta: Adc mains are crying. Bruiser meta: Adc mains are crying. Mage meta too. By the way S6 was adc meta. Yes adc role is difficult but ENOUGH, STOP COMPLAINTS!
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