3 types of matchmaking players a.k.a FIX IT!!!!!!

There is 3 types of players in matchmaking 1. Their good and probably gonna carry you (0.99%) Their good they have humor their probably smurfing and their friendly and gonna carry youre ass 2. Toxic people/ trollers (79%) ... his mains gets banned ... goes afk picks troll shits and ruins my ranked ... and just flame and tell lies ... that u get banned for toxicity but they got on ur nerve ... and lied about how you flamed them -.- (i have 2 accounts bcause of this shit and 1 actauly for toxicity) 3.Unskiled players 80% oh boy ..these type of playes i hate the most they flame,they afk,THEY HAVE -100IQ heres a secanrio (ur udyr 5 guys chasing you youre waves are pushing what does youre team do ? GET SCUTLE SIT IN THE JUNGLE .... udyr = singed = time some people just dont understnad what def is if your 2/3 that doesnt mean u can go in 1v5 with fizz ulti .. or dive the turret vs ad tf its not how it works its just not i literly lose 70% of my games bcause of this problem .. and 10% bcause full team plat or smurf final 20% are my bad when i fuck up but still i dont get tilted bcause of that i get tilted because of THE PEOPLE THAT LACK INTELECT AND CANT JUST LOOK AT THE MAP AND FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO .. TOPS OPEN 10 MINS.. MY ROT DOING WORK MHMM WHAT SHUOLD I DO? NAH IL JUST SIT IN BASE WHEN ALL THE ENEMIES ARE DEAD UR LITERLY PLAYING 1V5 SOMETIMES 2V5 .. AND WHEN YOU GET TILTED OH BOY U CANT SAY A WORD TO THEM BCAUSE THEIR THE KING AND YOUR THEIR SLAVE . RIOT PLS FIX UR MATCHMAKING
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