Taking the best of Old and New Karma

With the upcoming mage update, I expect Karma to be looked at again, and I can only hope, that Riot attempts to unify the Karma community, instead of splitting it yet again. While I do prefer the overall state of [New Karma](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWIj3IRz8DI) over [Old Karma](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CIWW1MEbUY), there were also some aspects removed from her kit, that I don't think needed to go. The old tether mechanic was both unique and creative in use, the charge mechanic needed an amount of strategic evaluation, that I miss, and both her heal/damage-spell and shield/damage-spell gave her an uncomparable appeal. Understandably, a lot of people miss those things until this very day. I've tried to implement those flavours back into the current Karma, in yet another attempt to please both fanbases and unify the community. > # NEW KIT **NEW PASSIVE** Hitting an enemy champion or epic monster with **2** spells within **3s** triggers **[BAD KARMA]**. If Karma hits with additional spells, the duration is refreshed. Targets affected by **[BAD KARMA]** take % more damage from all sources for **3s**. Allied champions heal for the extra damage they deal. **Q - Inner Flame** Has a CD of **1s** and up to **[2]** charges, that refill every **[15/13/11/9/7]**. The damage is slightly reduced compared to life. If this spell triggers **[BAD KARMA]**, the slow is doubled. **RQ - Heavenly Flame** Becomes a (slightly smaller) targeted AoE effect instead (think Vel'Koz/Lux E). Hit enemies take bonus damage based on their missing hp%. Hit allies are healed based on their missing hp%. After **1s** the area detonates again. applying the same effect again. **W - Spirit Bond** Tether to a target for 4s. Karma gains **40%** movementspeed as long as the tether remains. Targeted allies share this bonus, while passing allies gain it for **2s**. Targeted enemies take magic damage over time, while passing enemies receive half damage instantly. **RW - Soul Rally** The tether range is increased. Additionally, every passing champion tethers to Karma and all other tethered targets, refreshing the duration of all tethers. Tethered allied champions (including Karma) share a part of their received damage with all tethered targets. **E - Endurance** The shield does not speed up anymore, but is increased by **1%** for every **1%** missing health of the target. Champions with **[BAD KARMA]** receive a % of the damage they deal to shielded targets as magic damage. ** RE - Defiance** The shield explodes, dealing AoE damage in an area. If the target is a champion, the damage is increased by **1%** for every **1%** health the target is missing. ** R - Mantra** The cooldown does not decrease with higher levels anymore. Instead, whenever one of Karma's spells affect a champion, the cooldown is reduced. > # SKILL DISCUSSION **Passive** - A good passive should add a new aspect to a champion, that interacts with the rest of the kit. Currently it feels like something, that should just be on her ultimate. A passive that allows Karma to trade efficiently or rewards allies for hitting the right targets seems more fitting. Also this was once on the PBE as part of her W and I thought it was neat. **Q** - Current Q is allright, but for the passive to propperly work, she needs more damage tools. Besides, the charge system was interesting, while increasing Karma's skill ceiling, but punishing failure even more. The CD and charge are fixed btw, so stacking CDR profits her utility, but not her damage capabilites. **RQ** - The current version is bollocks. Way too much damage for a poke spell. And still boring in a way. The heal-damage-AoE was so fun on old Karma, but the short ranged cone not practical. This might be a compromise. It doesn't require you in a position, but you can still wiff the heal. **W** - The old tether was just too interesting, to be removed from the game. Yes, it needs your allies to understand it, but so does Kalista's ult and many other newer abilities. Besides, this was fun even on lower rankings and seeing a pro team make use of this would be so awesome! **RW** - Talking about awesome; the ult version of this should be even more spectacular. If done correctly, this can win a teamfight. Since people can see it coming, it should be rather fair tho. Also I want to see a pro Zed dodgeing through these like in some Mission Impossible movie. **E** - Yes, the current one is neat, but the tether without speed seemed off. And so did double speedups. In the end the possibly strongest shield should be interesting enough, especially with a passive interaction. **RE** - I've always thought that a damage spell that uses allies to aim was unique and balanced. I died a little, when they removed it. **R** - Passive moved to here. I am all for skillchecks in kits. This should also reward Karmas who can hit both enemies and allies alike. > # STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES This should be in line with Riot's design philosophy, should keep the core of what makes current Karma awesome, but also please her older _fans_. In midlane Karma would be the mage-to-go to provide skirmishing-power for longer and sustained fights. Essentially, the only real midlaner, that provides team-heals. Her kit would allow her to duel assasins, while she struggles against long ranged poke mages. As a support Karma would provide a sustain and damage increase, that interacts with your ADC's damage, instead of being flat heals. Compared to Soraka she wants longer exchanges, instead of pokes. As a downside, Karma does not offer any CC (outside of a 25/50% slow) and doesn't offer protection against it. ________________________ What do you think? Could this work? If you like it, please upvote this. If you do not, please let me know _why_ in a comment. Thanks for reading! __________________ ###### Want Karma to be changed, but don't like this one? Have a look at these two other reworks, that try to [CHANGE WHAT HER MANTRA DOES](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/idvKoyTJ-remastered-full-karma-rework) or [ALLOWS MANTRA TO DOUBLE CHARGE ABILITIES](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/9gPp7KEv-rework-suggestion-karma-the-enlightened-one).
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