What is going on with Riot??

First their matchmaking sucks balls, so if I usually go 10/3 in my games, why am I getting paired with a Sivir who literally went top instead of adc and when she died 4 times (1/4 score) she quit the game... IN RANKED Second, in my last 4 ranked games 4 people afked till the 4th min, and no we couldnt remake because that person connects to game just refuses to move so we dont get an option to remake After that matchmaking bullshit Their balance team sucks ass They have so many f****** broken champions rn like Irelia Akali Graves Garen Inting Sion Kai'sa Ahri (In my opinion) WW Master Yi (Honestly have no clue how people forget this guy, he can go 1/5 and and the game with 16/9) Then after that they just make way too many cancer champions Yasuo Zed Akali Garen WW Master Yi Fizz Zoe LeBlanc Teemo Why they dont bring players what they want for 1 single time Players: Nerf Irelia Riot: Ok *Patch Notes* MOVEMENT SPEED = 340 -> 335 Players: Nerf Graves Riot: Ok *Patch Notes* BASE AD = 66 -> 63 Players: We want urf, not clash Riot: CLASH IS COMING BACK I mean really wtf is going on with you Riot
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