Unfair matchmaking

This is absurd, I play barely one game a week and I get matched to people who play 3 games a day. Recently I played against a {{champion:122}} , that was a platinum II smurf and had level 7 mastery (the taunt still haunts me). It is absolutely soul crushing to play against these players, since I have no chance to win and just wait till they decide to end the game, which they don't, always have to farm till the final build. It's not only that but my team mates are horrible too (not all of them), they usually flame like hell. Just had a {{champion:111}} that hooked and ran into the team and each time he died he'd type "fck ur ded mather". I am by no means a good player, I belong in bronze V, but playing against a platinum II player that kills me in 2.5s is no way to learn.{{item:3070}}
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