For those of you that still dont want to accept that Sated is Feral Flare 2.0

This goes to all of you who claim the item that unbalances the jungle to be balanced. This goes to all of you saying that WW can't oneshot anyone anymore just with his ult unless he is crazily fed and/or ahead by a few lvls. This goes to the non-believers: WW is not ahead, everyone is lv18. He one-shots carries with JUST his R - because QSS cd has Double the CD of his ult, and there is no other item that can block his ult unless you have the luxury of running a Randuins as ADC, which often you can't - for instance when they have Malz AND WW on their team. This is the build that allows it to happen and at the same time makes him tanky enough to withstand you even if you can Cleanse out of his ult. You're dead no matter what.
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