THIS is what is wrong with LOL

Lets say you are in silver 3. Your real skill is lets say GOLD 2-3. No , gold skilled player cant carry silver games 1v10 , not possible. Of course streamers with no life who only eat , drink , sleep and play league will smurf through leagues like its nothing (im not even mad , good for them). There are players with 2k games in silver , today I met one..he DOESN'T CARE win or lose , doesn't give a **** , because he accepted that he is thrash and ranked is just like normal draft pick for him. And that's OK , in his case , but its ruinnng the game for others , ruining the competitiveness. Today also I had 2 premades in game , nicknames - "AlexWillCarry" , and "MerxWilcarry (something like that) ) , one went 1/10 other 0/13 I think , and because I was in my promo I couldn't dodge. Im not even tilted or mad , I just realised this game is not worth playing anymore
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