Does it get better.

Hi. Been thinking now about one thing. Will I be able to rely more on my team past gold? Here is what I mean. I'm main on Ashe... ADC. Probably would be past gold by now with her. But as far as favourite champion goes, it is Fiora. You just can't beat the purity of mechanics. No noobish point and click abilities, no teleporting on the enemy. Pure skill. So if you master Fiora, you actually achieve something. Unlike some other champs... khm Yasuo khm... Anyway. I haven't mastered her. Not even close. So is it a good idea to try to get past gold with "unmastered" champion? Idea is, that below gold you just can't rely on your team at all. You basically have to treat them like bots. So it doesn't help that you are not that good with the champ yourself. Once you get to better teams, they could compensate for some of the lacking skill. In theory. (I don't mean carrying you.) True, not true?
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