We need more complicated champions

The last champions were really easy to play and did too much damage for their difficulty to play and master A good hard champion would be someone like thresh wich has some complexity and flexibility in his kit while illaoi and aurelion had too much of an unidirectionnal kind of playstyle. ok you could make some plays with illaoi's ult jhin"t ult too but that was pretty much it :/ We need more complex champs that really reward the good players for their plays while still letting some counterplay to the enemy team, more then now at least I feel like the game is getting easier and easier while thinking too much about the fact that new players need to discover the game easly. basically low skill floor/low skilll ceiling. ok this post might seem a bit extreme and i don't think the game isn't fun because of that i just want to make my point clear,just like in the title, weneed more complicated champions and strategies to reward the experienced players while still letting an opportunity for newcomers to enjoy the game like everyone else there might be some english errors, maybe i didn't say things the way i wnated everyone to understand but yeah here's my post and i hope you can start a mature conversation in the comment section, see ya'll soon ! Peace out ^^
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