Suggest me mechanically simple champions.

So I play pretty bad, even compared to how new I am (very). It doesn't help that I wanna be competent in every role, with multiple champs. So if I feel I'm past the 'terrible' level on one, I try something new. I somehow lack the incentive to master complex champions at this point. I prefer simple ones, so I can concentrate on what I'm doing wrong in the macro-level (should I push, gank or back, teamfight or split-push, etc). I have a bad habit of firing random skills when in panic. xD Guess I'll get trough that phase sooner or later, but in the meanwhile I'm looking for characters who doesn't get too penalized by my silliness. The perfect example for me is Garen. He feels like designed for 8 year olds.. that works for me. Engage / buff / chop-chop / kill. Can't really go wrong with that. Or Warwick. Chomp / Buff / _whydiditurnthatoff_ / Kill. Malphite also works well. Fire-and-forget skills that are very effective in the right place and the right time. Totally worthless other times, but that's a macro decision, and getting better at these is my priority at this point. The perfect bad example for me is Master Yi. I know he's simple, EZ, etc... but I waste an atrocious amount of heals with him by blowing it in the heat of combat, and cancelling it a tick later. Or Trundle. He -feels- simple, but it's so easy to waste his skills. So... suggest me more. Male champs preferred, as I can't really get immersed while playing chicks. Silly, huhh?
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