Senna = Pyke 2.0 ?

Same as Pyke this champ is supposed to be a support, same as Pyke (originally) Senna can also be played in solo lanes. Both have invisibility but Senna can make a teamate invisible and for quite some time. Both build "support" items like {{item:3147}} or {{item:3814}}. I dont know why the only 2 supports we got the last 2 years (if i remember correctly) are actually assasins. This might be because of the new lethality items that will be introduced in S10, but for me this is a bit weird. There is no point introducing a champion as Support when clearly is not a Support. I know someone might say it is a different concept from shielding and healing support, but as i said we got Pyke for that. Also this game is filled with assasins right now. I think you need to find something new, as a concept for supporting champions because this {{item:3134}} can not support an Adc. If you lack imagination about how a new kind of support should be, make a vontest out of it and give a skin or the champ to the winner. Like you did with Braum.
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