Suggestions for champions to play?

Hey guys, I haven't had a huge amount of time on the Fields of Justice recently, and I'm hoping to get a bit more time on there. Part of my problem is I'm finding it super difficult to find a champion I *really* enjoy playing. There's some I'm okay with, some I don't mind much, but I'm finding it difficult to just pick up one and think "This is my champ!" The champions I historically like to play (and I know, you'll probably hate me for it :-P) are: Top: Garen {{champion:86}} /Morde {{champion:82}} (pre rework) /Nasus {{champion:75}} Mid: Malzahar {{champion:90}} Support: Leona {{champion:89}} /Nautilus {{champion:111}} ADC: Lolnone :-( Truthfully maybe Ashe {{champion:22}} or Miss Fortune {{champion:21}} , but generally don't like ADCing Jungle: Warwick {{champion:19}} /Xin Zhao {{champion:5}} From this limited selection that I quite enjoy, who else would you guys think I would enjoy playing? Who do you feels plays similar, or would fit my playstyle beyond these champs? Any lane, any role, any style - interested in hearing what you guys would recommend :-D
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