Spirit Visage on champions without healing- still good.

Hello guys, I am somewhat obsessed with efficiency of my builds, so the idea in the title fills me with some sort of disgust. But it works. simply because a) the statline is already very good b) the alternatives are poor When you look at {{item:3065}} , it has everything a tanky champion looking for some MR desires - said MR - very solid HP (i play a lot of Shen, so this is really a deal for me) - CDR for more abilities - health renegeration is a nice cherry on top ... all the things a tank needs to tank up, scale up and be useful. And the passive is entirely wasted. Hell, not only tanks, i have seen many {{champion:24}} players build this item just for the statline even if Jax has no synergy with the passive part outside the Bilgewater line item. The other MR/HP item, {{item:3102}} , has lower HP, lower health regen bonus, and grants no CDR. Also its passive is underwhelming in the laning phase, as it will most likely be traded for one low impact ability and then never come up again due to long cooldown and a condition that is hard to achieve in lane. On the other hand, armor/hp items are way more flexible and do not require a champion to have a specific mechanic to be fully useful -{{item:3068}} grants more sustained damage and waveclear -{{item:3143}} trumps crit builds and grants extra utility in teamfight -{{item:3742}} helps chasing and initiating as well as granting a bit of "BOOM" to your kit. I think we really need another HP/MR item, to item chices when playing against magic damage dealers as efficient as they are against phys oponents
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