Pls nerf Dominik Regards

{{item:3036}} is just a broken gamebreaking item. In exceptation it was counter for tanky fighters like {{champion:122}} and it is typical ADC item . But in reallity this item is too strong on any AD champion because when you buy it every tank even {{champion:54}} in enemy team becomes squshy as ADC {{champion:29}} . I played as {{champion:14}} , farmet loads of armor, hp and {{item:3102}} just for enemy ekko. So i had 300 armor, 4000hp, 150 magic resist. So lets tank my friends, i gonna be mighty meatshield initating teamfight and protecting squishy teammates from any harm. Suddenly, i died so fast i wasnt even able to buy q. And gues what? MF with this broken item just ate all my HP in 2 seconds. As a tank player I DEMAND BALANCE AND STOPPING MAKING GAME EASIER FOR STUPID TANK FOCUSERS
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