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Lengthy post - someone needed to say it. I'm obviously expecting some backlash here, and I am in no means an excellent player, and I will not slate a company that has blessed me with some amazing memories and game play, but right now I'm at a point where I'm really not interested in playing ranked. Let me start off with the good: * The ranked changes with the divisions down to 4, adding two new leagues is a great addition (everyone knew this so I'm not going to explain why). * I think the rank estimation is amazing, the anxiety of wondering where you was going to start the grind was nail biting. * Personally league feels a bit better than season 8, which for me wasn't the greatest. Now all that said, after getting my 10 games out of the way, ready to start my climb I noticed the bad: * I might just be unlucky, but I've had a serious amount of AFK players or people who run it down mid in only two days of playing, 3 games where people have specifically said in champ select that they're going to troll, with no purpose. Yeah sure, this has happened in many other seasons, but some people do this without repercussions makes me feel like they're not paying as much attention to the community side of league. *The snowball, I've had so many games where one death can literally end your lane. Yes granted that if they're ahead, why shouldn't they ruin you? The fact is that league was about comebacks, so many memories playing league where one mistake at level 3 wasn't the end of the world. I had a game where I was playing {{champion:238}} vs {{champion:84}} , she missed her e and I killed her, very close fight but I came out on top, and she never stood a chance, she couldn't do anything at all, usually I'd still have to show some respect and play well but I was at the point after one kill where I was doing enough damage that it didn't matter. * I've come across so many people that are playing champions for the first time. I feel that introducing a new champion on the day that the new season starts was a bad move. Example: A guy/woman buys {{champion:517}}, declares it as intent in champ select, and plays him for the first time. Gets ruined because he doesn't know the combos, items, playstyle, and costs the game. Now, if you try to ban {{champion:517}} to avoid this, you're also in the wrong for banning an intended champion. (More likely to troll). Now don't get me wrong this has happened so many times before in league where people are picking champions they don't know how to play into ranked, but there needs to be some sort of system where you have to be above a certain level on the champion before taking it into ranked. I play normals to have fun and try out weird builds, but in ranked we can all unite and say that playing a random champion you don't know how to play is a bad idea. (and also you bump into some summoners who whatever role they are will pick the new champion). * So many games have ended before the 20 minute mark, this links up with the snowball point, the death timers are huge, games don't last as long anymore, and in season 9 it feels even more so due to the snowball potential. Turret plating I feel personally wasn't necessary, yeah it's all dandy when you're getting the gold, but when you die once, lose an entire wave and have my opponent the ability to hit a tower for 160g 5 times is stupid, you get so far behind that games will end in 15 minutes due to people realising this game is a waste of time, lets go next. The fact I've been in so many games where atleast 3 out of the 5 teammates have the mentality "go next" is astounding, and I can't really blame them when at 15 minutes they're over 10k gold ahead from just one or two mistakes. *Strengthening my argument, the fact that these mistakes cost so much, even if it's so little as being 3 seconds behind in clearing buffs, makes it feel like they are only supporting the high elo (diamond+) community, when the majority of the community resides in gold and below(plat is a weird place). I fully believe that the only way to get better is to lose to a mistake and learn from it, and that applies not in league but in every day life, but when the mistakes are everywhere, and so harsh, it's almost impossible for a low elo to player to have the ability of a comeback. The mistakes are also so hard to learn from compared to other seasons, especially for lower elos. And I know I'm gonna get some high elo players replying "Well get better and don't make mistakes", just know I fully agree, but when one tiny mistake can cost an entire game, almost every game is not fun or a learning experience. * Just a little one, wtf is {{champion:67}} , that buff in the previous patch was a weird one, didn't know if she really needed it but ohmygod pls have mercy. I also know that people will comment saying stuff like "Players in lower elo are more likely to come back because they are more likely to throw" and yeah, that's true, if you're on about literally any other season apart from season 9 lmao. I placed like gold 4 last season (I quit most of the year for some personal time) and doing my placement games, I witnessed the Bronze I - Silver IV, it's an absolute shambles. (even more so than before). One thing I really hope will be implemented is the system where you would have to be a certain level to pick a champion in ranked. This would help a lot of people trying to climb avoiding those people who claim to know how to play their champion but told a fib. And FINALLY, yes, I know that my credibility is low because I'm not a high elo player, but these forums are here for every one in the community to be heard{{sticker:vayne-pose}}
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