Irelia Rework

Ok, so I've been thinking. I really do like Irelia, and to be honest her kit is alright right now, but I feel like she could be so much cooler than she is. I feel like her lore and abilities don't really connect. Her lore (very summarized) tells us that through her willpower and training, she could control her weapon without touching it/kineticly. And sure, her weapons always float in front of her and she doesn't actually touch them, but other than that it's not really that much different how she uses her weapon from how other people would use it when they hold their weapons. So I thought of this kit as a close match to her old kit, and showing more that she isn't actually touching her blades. Passive: Ionian Fervor UNCHANCED Q: Bladesurge ACTIVE: Irelia dashes to the target enemy, dealing physical damage and applying on-hit-effects. If there are enemies **impaled** by _Hiten Blades_, the blades will be pulled from the enemies, dealing damage for every blade pulled out (Pulls after the first pull deal 30% damage). If _Bladesurge_ kills its primary target, it refunds 20 mana and refunds its cooldown by 40-100% (Scaling with ult level) W: Hiten Blades PASSIVE: Irelia's basic attacks heal her. ACTIVE: Irelia empowers her next 4 basic attacks, increasing her auto attack range to 325. Every attack deals bonus true damage and **impales** its target. Enemies are impaled for 4 seconds. Enemies also lose their **impale** if Irelia auto-attacks with unempowered basic attacks after she used all 4 basic attacks. This goes in a system where the 1st person afflicted with an empowered basic attack gets unimpaled after the 1st normal basic attack, the 2nd person afflicted with an empowered basic attack gets unimpaled after the 2nd normal basic attack, etc. E: Equilibrium Strike ACTIVE: After a small delay, Irelia pierces the target enemy, dealing magic damage and slowing them by 60% for a duration. If _Hiten Blades_ is active, and if there are enemies **already-impaled** when _Equilibrium Stike_ is used, all **not-yet-impaled** blades are struck into the target enemy, and any **already-impaled** blades get pulled out of the others and strike the target enemy. If all four blades are already-impaled and fly to strike the target enemy, the target enemy will be stunned instead of slowed. R: Transcendent Blades ACTIVE: Irelia summons 4 spirit blades, empowering her auto attacks. Whenever Irelia strikes an enemy, the enemy will be **impaled** by a spirit blade. After doing this 4 times, the next basic attack will pull the spiritblade from the 1st enemy afflicted, and strike the new target (This also works with the same enemy). Each pull heals Irelia for 5% of the enemy's maximum health. So that's the kit. The basics are pretty much the same: Q is a dash that damages enemies, W is an autoattack empower, E is a slow or stun (depending on the situation), and I did change the ult a lot because it didn't fit in with the new kit (although its also a bit weird for the old kit). I should note that she should feel a bit slow with her abilities. For example, her Q should be about the speed of a returning Lux W, as in it starts slow but as it travels further it gets faster. And with her W, when she activates it her blades line up behind her (a bit like in her current ult) and come striking in like a Xayah feather. Also, her auto attack range (~~should be bigger~~)is 225, giving her one of the biggest auto attack ranges of all the melee champions, apart from Kled solo. But in general, she should still be the, when decently played, amazing laner and decent extended teamfighter. Just with a bit more options and flashyness.
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