Tired of losing the Bot-lane-lottery

For a long time now the entire game has basically been decided by whoever's bot lane doesnt feed. I have lost more games than i can count where i do reasonably/very well but we lose anyway because my adc is 0/6 by 15 minutes and their bot duo has complete control over the game. the bottom lane has far, FAR too much influence on the outcome of the match. To an extent, this is to be expected, as you do have 2 of your 5 players in the same place, but the "C" in adc is far too pronounced and the moment. No matter how well you do in any other lane, if the bot duo is fed theres nothing you can do except ff. I think the main reason for this is for a long time now there has just been too much damage in the game, across the board, but especially on the ADCs. Maybe a solution would be to give adc's more health and less damage in the early game, so you dont get immediately obliterated if you make a slight misstep. Damage across the board should honestly go down as a whole, for everyone except maybe the single target assassins, the sort that one shot squishies but have no hope against a decent tank.
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