New Champ Suggestion | Morph

My latest version of OC called Morph. I had earlier versions posted too, but i guess i deleted them for some unknown reason quite some time ago? Nevertheless, i hope that the improvement in my work...
Perhaps a character like this could be a new Freljord champ? New mage or a marksman. I myself am the artist, and drew this some time ago, but i only now considered the fact he could have a potential to be a Lol Champion. I actually didn't know where to post this, or whom to suggest this to, so i post it here. I hope I get some response from you guys, and maybe even suggestions for abilities! I hope you have a great day, and good luck on rift! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} PS: If you are wondering about his name, he is my OC, so when i first created him, i called him like that while having in mind his ability to mold his own body, since he is made of ice. So he could basically create a gun out of his hand and then morph it back to the way it would originally look (like a normal hand). As for his story, i was imagining his spirit being captured in an ice spell by a mage (it was an accident of course), and hence he was born, or better to say, given a new body, since he died, and his spirit lingered on the spot where his body was left.
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