Game is not fun anymore.

Ok, I don't know if it's just me, but since the recent patches (S6) I can't seem to enjoy the game anymore. I used to play every single day cause I had fun but now, I just can't enjoy it anymore. **First of all, dynamic Q: ** There is nothing wrong with that, BUT not bringing back Solo Q is a HUGE mistake. I can't enjoy the game while the enemy team got 3 premades that have great communication and combo picks while my team has 0 communication. We need Solo Q back. Also I can't wait 15 minutes to find a damn game. **Then, we got the picks: ** This game is not about skill anymore. How it used to be: Pick your favorite/most played/main champion -> dominate lane -> win. How it is now: Pick the most broken champion in the game -> win lane even if you don't know wtf you are doing -> win. Wondering why people are leaving this game and moving to CSGO or Overwatch? You are responsible for that Riot, your actions are killing the game and you just don't want to understand it. Why don't you just listen to the community???
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