One Player loses the Game, but one cant carry..

After over 100 Rankeds in this Season, I am just feeling frustrated. I really don't mind at all if Riot is giving me Toxics or anything else in my Rankeds, but please be more decisive when banning intentional feeders. Why can't there be a rule to simply give you a one day ban or something when you are having stats like 3/15 in ranked. Everyone can have a bad game, but its not fair too punish AFK's and toxics but not punish intentional feeders. No wonder Fortnite is the number one played and watched game at the moment when League is doing more horrible with every patch. Especially in low platinum, many guys simply refuse to win the game. And those who are trying to carry often can't carry because the egocentric delusional behaviour of those who don't want to win is just too big. It's not like I am the only person who is feeling like this. Closely every big streamer is feeling like, this is Riots biggest problem. But well let's bring out some new Skins, thats more income than focusing on better gameplay. Just got to be a Trashgame. Fix it or lose your number one spot in the esport scene.
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