Rune Prices Adjustments

So at the moment some runes cost way too much while others are way to low. So I think it would be a really good idea for make prices same across category for example: All quints should be 1025 All glyphs should be 410 All seals should be 410 And all marks should be 410 Only runes that shouldnt be adjusted are the beginner runes,because they need to be easy to access.Right know this t3 runes have a -50% discount on them and it should stay that way. Thoughts? EDIT: Increasing cost of some runes in marks,seals and glyphs should compensate for the loss of prices on quints.But should make slight adjustments to the rune pages more accessible while preserving roughly the same cost. Because most people change quints first.Then everything else.So quint should be easiest to change and adapt.
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